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Biological Farming and Pasture Mix

Feed the soil and let the soil feed the plants.

By balancing nutrient levels, relative to each other, to significantly improve the productivity of the soil and therefore the quality and quantity of the crop or pasture grown in that soil.

We try and keep permanent pasture, annually rolling all the farm, so all paddocks are suitable for grass silage. Will re-grass as required, first the paddocks will go into winter feed for a couple years, before being re-grassed.

Pasture Mix

We use a diverse pasture sward to help balance the cows diet and give them a variety of minerals and nutrients. Perennial Ryegrass, Annual Ryegrass, Red Clover, White Clover, Cocksfoot, Plantain, Chicory, Timothy

We useLiquid Fertiliser Application, Fish Fertiliser, Compost, solid effluent. Trying to minimise artificial fertiliser.

Water Ways are all fenced off from stock, to minimise damage, erosion and contamination.

Around the dairy shed, we have large wind banks, around the shed and feed pad, that are all planted, with flaxes, shrubs and tussocks. As we live in a high wind zone.

Around the farm we have planted every third fence line in a mixture of red and green large flaxes, they are suitable because they are non toxic to the cows, provide shelter, whilst not interfering with the irrigators - they are also tolerant to wet and dry conditions.