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Farm Map and Farming System

    Farm is currently semi self contained. Milking over 580-650, with dry stock and some supplement. We are irrigated with 6 center pivots. We run a Grazing

System plus we have a Feed Pad, to minimise wastage and damage


During the Spring to Autumn we run 2 pasture breaks, and in the Late Autumn /

Winter when pasture is short, the will have 1crop breaks and 1 pasture

options, plus access to the Feed Pad for supplement.

The cows are physically fit and healthy, as they do a lot of walking 3-6 km a day.

Grazing System

  • Topping in-front of cows to help keep quality - have noticed when doing this that the cows consume the grass 'quicker' so they leave the paddock easier.
  • Pivot Irrigation effects the flow of cows coming and going - it stops them coming, or it can push them all in to early. This is why it will be good when the 'VRI' - Variable Rate Irrigation is working - then the pivots will switch off on the race, not restricting continuous cow flow.

Grass Management - is very important this is done on gut feeling and what the cows are telling me

Because the farm is semi self contained - paddocks from each block are dropped in or out or swapped around in a area to suit what ever I need

- For;

  • Silage
  • Regressing
  • Young stock to clean up
  • Cropping etc.

But it is important to keep each area balances with the quality of feed on each Block.